‘Fatwa’ to vote and controversial religious clerics

‘Fatwa’ to vote and controversial religious clericsYesterday some religious leaders under the banner of Pakistan Ulema Coucil (PUC) gathered and gave ‘Fatwa’ in favor of casting votes as it was according to Islam.

Why no religious leader came forward earlier and called it compulsory and why they have always been supporting martial laws and dictators in past is the question for many of the participants of the meeting as most of them have been supporting the act of anti-democratic forces.

Through Islam, by making it mandatory on everyone to cast vote this time appears to be an effort of favoring themselves more than any other political party as many religious cum political parties are contesting elections this time.
As per reports, the PUC conference was attended by representatives of several political parties, including the PPP, MQM and ANP, but a majority of the participants belonged to the extreme rightwing religious groups of Deobandi school of thought.

Nonetheless it’s a good effort in support of democracy and for the future of Pakistan as well but why it had to be “Fatwa” only for convincing the nation to use the right of vote. Why using the pressure of religion? Why not creating a social awareness programs by educating people on the merits and demerits of democracy and casting vote.

I came across two news items during last couple of months that is upsetting me more after the above “Fatwa”.

One of the leaders who chaired the PUC meeting yesterday, Maulan Hafiz Tahir Ashrafi was reportedly caught drunk on GT Road in 2012. According to reports, ‘this leader’ attended a party that German embassy had thrown and there he took liquor more than his body could bear. He started vomiting that ruined his own clothes as well and later he was located on GT Road along with his driver and guard. Not only this, he has been pictured on several occasion in a drunk state.

Another report published in the media lately was that ‘Mufti Ahsan ul Haq’ who runs a private company and also very much vocal on Islamic Financing has reportedly committed a fraud of Billions and shifted the entire money to Bangkok.

National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has gone deeper and started scrutinizing the records of his company. According to details, Mufti along with his companions, Younis Khan and Nisar, looted the public in Pakistan and abroad by asking them to invest their money in the name of true ‘Islamic financing’. As the report says, Mufti Ahsan, who has been arrested by NAB, transferred Rs. 9 billion to Bangkok. He is also said to be an active participant of Raiwind’s Tablighi Jamaat.

The question arises, why I should listen to someone whose own controversial character is before us.

‘Fatwa’ to vote and controversial religious clerics

‘Fatwa’ to vote and controversial religious clerics


  1. Muhammad Shahzad says

    it is very easy to blame any one but remember one thing that we have to prove every blame before the almighty Allah. so be careful in giving statements about others.

    • Mudassar Jehangir says

      @SD, i can upload an image of news clips for you…details about Maulana Ashrafi is on internet…you would find many other controversial pics and videos and even the columns written by various writers in this regard.

  2. says

    i never believe in these beard men. interestingly ahrafi is the chairman of PUC when all of them already know his hidden character. do they all have similar characteristics or they do not find any better person?

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