“Public Affair Unit”: Hamza Shahbaz to act as de facto PM and CM

Hamza ShahbazHaunted economy has given birth to new Political-Economic problems, nature of these tenacious problems have intricate and swelled as there was no effective administrative system to sort out these problems. The previous Governments with their Political and Administrative confines failed to resolve pressing issues, arousing apprehensive sentiments in general public.

The new government in office gives the impression to change the prevailing system by being vigilant and eradicating the entrenched flaws in the administrative system. It aims to do so by constituting Public Affair Unit, a watchdog, with the resolve to improve governance and swift execution of decisions on prioritized issues.

According to the sources, after the arrival from New York, Prime Minister will constitute Public Affair Unit. Hamza Shahbaz, the son of CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif is set to head the unit along with three other party office bearers. Hamza Shahbaz is already the Chairman of eight member public affair unit in Punjab, providing assistance to the Chief Minister by sharing the work load.

The function of these Public Affair Units will be to act as de facto Prime Minister and Chief Minister in center and Punjab respectively, brining much needed effectiveness in the administrative machinery sorting out the issues on Macro and micro level.

The Public Affairs Unit will be a watchdog on cabinet and will indirectly perform the functions as de facto prime minister in the centre and de facto chief minister in Punjab,” said Senior Party member.

In his earlier tenure as CM, in the name of cost saving, Shahbaz Sharif had not appointed Ministers for several departments and instead he kept all the powers and budgets to himself. Interestingly, he is applying a little modified formula by bringing his son in and taking control of the affairs. image

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