Ram-Leela: the story of immortal love

Ram-LeelaAfter a short break Sanjay Leela Bhansali is back with epic love story, Ram-Leela, which is full of colors, fun, fight and romance.

Sanjay has used all the Bollywood elements that are song, dance, beautiful couple and classy love affair. The movie seems to be an inspiration of famous Shakespeare’s love twist, Romeo and Juliet.

The couple of Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone have created great chemistry in the film and that is why it is ruling over. In three days of release it has made a maximum estimated budget of $4.5 million.

According to some critic Ram-Leela’ performed better than Krish3 in the box office. This movie collected maximum 4.5 stars overall.

Every bit of the movie is worth watching and the movie proved to be a blockbuster, worldwide. Mostly viewer called it a masterpiece of the year.

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  1. says

    There are following flaws in your story
    1. Not the right name of the movie as it is “Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela” and not just Ram-Leela
    2. It wasn’t a short break as it was after 3 years that Sanjay came with his next movie.
    3. This is your written line”In three days of release it has made a maximum estimated budget of $4.5 million” I can’t what you are trying to say here. Either you want to tell us about the money this movie has made in first 3 days or is it budget in which this movie is made?
    4.According to some “CRITICS”….apart from proof reading mistake, which CRITICS actually called it better performer then Krish 3? On first hand, this is work of industry analysts and not Critics.
    5. maximum 4.5 stars overall? maximum and overall can’t come in same line because some have given it 3 as well. IMDB is giving this movie 6.6/10. and just to correct your data it has even been given 5/5 by some geniuses.

    • mahvish says

      Well thanks a lot you gave your views regarding my writing as I’m newbie writer so I appreciate your analysis.
      1) I think name is not wrong I picked up the prominent words instead of full name but again that’s right that I should have used the full name at least in the story.
      2) It was short break because in June 2012 he produced Rowdy Rathore
      3) “In three days of release it has made a maximum estimated budget of $4.5 million” I wrote this line in context of business like how much they have invested and in return what they made out of their investment, as film making is industry so i preferred to use business terms.
      4) As per my knowledge film analyst are collectively called as Critics you can check anywhere like newspaper and Wikipedia
      5) Well I gave 4.5 stars in reference to “Times of India” and Taran Adarsh
      6)”Blockbuster” this term defines the success and popularity and many eminent channels used this term in early days of release.

      • says

        2. Bhansali is known for his direction and not for his productions. Guzarish was his last directorial venture back in 2010.
        3. you got me wrong. You even used the terms wrong. in that line you must have written that “it grossed some xyz amount out of an estimated budget of $4.5Million.”
        4. i agree that those who analyze the movies are called critics but none of them make predictions or assessment of how much money a movie is going to make. Taran adarsh is not a pure critic as he is an analyst or in domestic language, a “Pundit”who instead of making pure critique gives almost 4 stars to every bollywood masala. Next time you want to read a real critique of Indian movies, then i suggest you read Anupama Choprha, Rajeev Masand or Rediff reviews.
        5. Times gave the music 4.5 star rating and the movie was given an extravagant 5/5 which is absurd. I wanted you to mention the source of your claim in your news and if not possible you might hyperlink it.
        6. verdict of “Blockbuster”, “Hit”, “Semi-Hit”, “Flop” or “Disaster” is only revealed by Boxoffice India. You should follow your own individual and professional writing style instead of those lame channels who don’t know anything about industry or its trade. you can say it is doing some amazing business or words like that but such “STATUSES” should only be described with some real background

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