CIA persistent to use Drones

drone strike

According to the Las Angeles Times the American administration is under immense pressure from the Human Rights organizations regarding the drone strikes. CIA, which selects and “executes” targets, give minute detail about the targets which make these drone strikes more unlawful and ambiguous.

For last decade not only these drone strikes have violated the sovereignty of Pakistan but performed the role of judge, jury and executioner. Pakistan has always claimed that these strikes violates the sovereignty and have killed many innocent Pakistani including children and women. Another problem with these drone strikes is that the collateral damage they cause provide the breeding ground for the militants.

US Senates standing committee on the intelligence approved the bill according to which US administration is by law bound to give the details of those who are killed in drone attacks. Since the approval of the bill, on the 5th of November, there was a significant decline in drone strikes.

The pressure mounting on the US administration has slowed down the pace of drone strikes but CIA is persistent to use drone strikes to achieve military-political objectives.

The drone strikes in Pakistan has fueled anti-US sentiments. The perception of war on terror had already been changed after the invasion of Iraq, the drone strikes by US are further deteriorating situation when US is seeking appropriate options for the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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