Injustice to Tayyaba; Case against bonded child labor becomes week again


The case of Tayyaba has again refreshed the memories of bonded child labor activist Iqbal Masih who sacrificed his life for the cause of freeing the child slaves in Pakistan. It seems that all the strive and struggle of the comrade went useless as the child labors are still suffering humility at the hands of the educated aristocracy of the country.

Innocent Tayyaba whose parents forgave the session judge and his wife for allegedly treating their daughters brutally and making her a victim of physical torture did what they could do in this case.  Why they had exploited the wonderful childhood of their daughter for merely for earning a livelihood If they were financially stable and morally aware about the rights of a child

We were so quick to run trends like Justice for Tayyaba, now would we dare to speak against the injustice to Tayyaba

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Not only in Pakistan but everywhere need to satisfy hunger mostly dominates the need to get justice, especially when the person who is suffering belongs to the poor class of society. In such circumstances cases of bonded child labor fail to get attention as inhumane acts because very norms of our society support them.

How our institutes have believed that parents who earlier compelled their children to live the life of a slave would later care for any violence or physical abuse to them. How they would be able to resist a bargain that promises them a hefty (for them) sum of money in turn of ignoring and forgetting any mental and physical torture.

There is no doubt that case itself was the very week for the poor Tayyaba. The accused was itself, representative of the judiciary; her guardians were the people who made her work as a minor and tolerate such violence, humiliation, and inhumane behavior. In all these circumstances how we can expect that innocent child would access justice and be free from the chains of oppression and tyranny.

Even if we suppose that all her bruises were a result of some natural injury and not some attempted violence and Tayyaba was not a bonded child labor then was it right and legal to hire her as a worker when hee age was to go to school, study and play with her age fellows.

We have proved that running a trend #JusticeforTayyaba on social media is just something like a fashion trend because the norms of very society or never going to change with such practices.


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