10 Noticeable Differences between Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates


The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia are both Arab countries, but they have quite some differences in between. Some say Saudi is more conservative than UAE, however, here are some of the most notable ones:

  • Girls can drive in the United Arab Emirates:

United Arab Emirates

One thing that’s great about living in the United Arab Emirates is that girls can drive there, whereas, in Saudi Arabia, girls are not allowed to do that. So the women living in UAE have a major plus point of just taking the car and heading out to anywhere at anytime they want!

  • The traffic in Saudi is crazy:

United Arab Emirates

The traffic rules are quite strictly followed in the United Arab Emirates. Hence, the driving and traffic there is much better than Saudi Arabia. The drivers in Saudi are crazy, and so is the traffic. Almost every other person owns huge fancy cars, but all of them also have dents due to some car accidents they get into!

  • Women and abayas:

United Arab Emirates

Unlike the typical stereotype of Saudi Arabia, women don’t have to cover their heads all the time when they are going out (unless in Makkah, Madinah or Riyadh), they only have to wear an abaya to cover their bodies.

However, in UAE, Women aren’t bound to wear abayas and can go out wearing whatever they feel comfortable in.

  • The education system:

United Arab Emirates

The education system in UAE seems like it’s much more advanced than Saudi. Keeping in consideration the fact that Saudi doesn’t have universities on an international level, whereas, UAE has different international universities such as Middlesex, etc.

  • The people and their friendliness:

United Arab Emirates

It has been observed that people in the UAE are much friendlier than the people living in Saudi Arabia. They are more open to conversations, discussions or simply talking to another fellow human being.

  • Nightlife in the countries:

United Arab Emirates

Both the countries have great night lives, but they are different from one another. Nightlife in the UAE consists of clubs and parties. Whereas, the nightlife in Saudi Arabia consists of people going out for Sheesha or to restaurants for lovely food.

  • Beaches are open in UAE:

United Arab EmiratesThere are beaches present in Saudi Arabia as well, but they are private beaches. Those present in UAE are open, and anyone can come there at any time they want!

  • UAE is a lot more modern:

United Arab Emirates

Although cities like Jeddah in Saudi have been modernized to quite some extent, however, cities like Dubai in UAE are much more ahead. The buildings, architecture, infrastructure, education system, etc. of both countries is very different from one another, but UAE has the edge over Saudi Arab when it comes to being progressive and modern.

  • The attitude of local citizens:

United Arab Emirates

It has been experienced that the Saudi locals have a sense of superiority. Whereas the UAE locals are friendlier and will help you through any problem you face if you’re new to the state!

  • Concerts and Events

United Arab Emirates

Huge artists are touring and coming to UAE for concerts all the time. But no such concerts, or charity raising events, happen here in Saudi Arabia.


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