10 signs your partner is also your best friend!

your partner

Finding the perfect partner can be so hard, maybe because you can’t find someone who can keep up with your level of craziness altogether! You can’t really date your bestfriend, because it never really lasts to be honest.

However, if you’re seeing someone, well then, your partner can also end up being your bestfriend if the person is on the same level of insanity as you!

Here are some signs that your partner is also your bestfriend:

You’re perfectly okay with the other person seeing your bitchy side:

your partner

Initially he thought you were sane, but now he knows you hate this bish, that bish, and practically everyone around you, and he’s completely okay with it.

You know eachother’s Johnny & Jugnu orders by heart:

your partner

A chicken fillet, garlic & chipotle sauce, & cheese? On it!

You’d take a simple night driving around with them over anything on a weekend:

your partner

So you can talk about the weirdest things that don’t make sense, dig deep into your childhood, and maybe turn the volume up and sing along with the lyrics!

You can make fun of eachother all you want:

your partner

But at the end of the day, you know your partner’s going to be there to help build you up and support every decision you take.

You don’t feel the need to go through eachother’s inboxes:

your partner

Because you trust eachother just THAT much, and you don’t want the other person doubting you all the time, thats just a sign of a negative person around you! Unless someone tags him in a meme you were going to tag him in, then its war.

You hear eachother’s pointless drama with friends and family all the time:

your partner

Even if you don’t remember who Shaista is and what problem your girl had with her, you’re still going to listen to the pointless argument she had with her, and act as if you’re VERY interested.

You don’t need to say anything to judge someone else:

your partner

An exchange of a look is quiet enough.

You hardly have any ‘nice’ photos together:

your partner

Because you’re too busy acting weird and shy getting pictures taken from someone else. Or you’re constantly moving. CONSTANTLY.

You have way too many things on your to-do list:

your partner

Go on a World Tour, go sky diving, scuba diving, bungee jumping…God knows, do things you wouldn’t do alone.

You always tell each other embarrassing stories about yourself:

your partner

And its super funny so you two laugh rather than being embarrassed about it! Comfort level: over infinity by now.

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