Since, Pakistan is known for its super amazing dramas around the world; Shehrezat is one big addition to the series.

The spiritual serial of 2012 did left its impact on everyone because it’s cast, story and most importantly, dialogues were so real and mind-blowing.

The distinct thing about Pakistani dramas is their being relatable to every person. Similarly, Shehrezat has got some intense relatable factor too, that sometimes we really think, is it our story?

1. When Falak turned towards Allah and nani helped her with it


Well, this is what we always practice and in a time in life we get a chance to get closer to Almighty.

2. Surely, Allah alone loves us truly


Our worst times have revealed us that only Allah Tala loves us, actually. All the other bonds are just temporary.

3. When others even more miserable lives got exposed to Falak


We are blessed with proper food, clothes, shelter and what not? Yet we cripple over little things. But on a little pondering, we get stunned by our ungratefulness.

4. When things become too tougher to explain to others


Sometimes, we reach at that point of life, where our own family fails to understand, what we are going through.

5. Asking anything to Salman was useless


When men start judging their wives instead of understanding them, that’s the point when things get worse. We have might seen trash men in our life.

6. Its all in ‘nazar’


We start getting deepest meanings after getting deepest wounds.

7. Dil – always ajeeb


When in life, its too hard to go against your heart. But, still we gotta control over it.

8. Blessing in disguise, Falak


Allah always afflicts us with trials to make something better out of us and once in a life, all of us have been through such troubles, which can reshape us. Its just that, how we respond to the tough calls.

9. Asraaf 


When we finally ponder that what we are doing with money, Allah has blessed us with.

10. In a hurry and busy in this ‘not even permenant’ world


Stop. Sit. Think.


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