Abdullah the Youngest ever CTO

Pakistan just witnessed its youngest CTO (Chief Traffic Officer) in the form of 10 years old kid who took charge of his office in Faisalabad for one complete day.

Abdullah who is battling cancer inspires to become a Police officer. Hence he wore a CTO uniform and set for his mission.

Abdullah acted as Traffic Police Officer and by taking charge of his office for one day while managing the daily affairs, Dawn reported.

He drove in the city to meet the traffic wardens, supervise them and give them instructions to follow the relevant regulations.

The innocent kid who is suffering from cancer and is under treatment in Faisalabad’s Allied Hospital and belongs to Jaranwala. As part of his job he took rounds of the city, met with traffic wardens and told them to work while following the actual spirit.

Traffic wardens gave a warm welcome to this youngest CTO ever and presented him flowers and gifts. Abdullah took charge of his office as he wished to be so and doctors at Allied Hospital are treating the innocent kid, made efforts to ensure that he can fulfill his dream.

The act of physicians to make sure that young Abdullah manages to work as CTO was a step to raise awareness about cancer among people.


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