Only 13 out of 39 Law colleges in Punjab are fit for law education

UCP law college

In the few past weeks, an Affiliation Committee was formed as per orders passed by the Full Bench headed by the Chief Justice, Lahore High Court.

The committee comprised of the Advocate General of Punjab and others, which were required to personally visit campuses of Law Colleges in Punjab.

It was brought into notice that as number of law students increased due to increasing law colleges in Punjab, there were several institutes which were not worthy of imparting legal education to students due to lack of faculty, resources, classrooms etc. The Affiliation Committee was formed to ensure that the Law Colleges affiliated with University of the Punjab were up to the mark, and were worthy of imparting legal education over a course of 5 years to students.


The following 13 law colleges were approved by the committee and were deemed worthy of being affiliated with the University of the Punjab in order to award the degree of 5 year LLB, which is the extension of 3 year LLB programme. The intake limit of students for each college is written in brackets.

  1. Quaid-e-Azam Law College, Lahore (250)
  2. Pakistan College of Law, Lahore (300)
  3. Leads Law College, Lahore (84)
  4. Himayat-e-Islam Law College, Lahore (200)
  5. The Institute of Legal Studies, Lahore (25)
  6. School of Law, Lahore (200)
  7. The College of Law, Gujranwala (140)
  8. Islam Law College, Sialkot (90)
  9. Faisalabad College of Law, Faisalabad (150)
  10. Punjab Law College, Sheikhupura (90)
  11. National Institute of Legal Studies, Attock (120)
  12. Rawalpindi Law College, Rawalpindi (125)
  13. Gabriel Law College, Mandi Bahauddin (200)

Other law colleges such as Toppers Law College and CIMS School of Law in Lahore were not approved by the affiliation committee due to lack of faculty, which other colleges were rejected because of in-experienced teachers, no classrooms, no facilities such as a library, etc.

Several such colleges were opened as private institutions with affiliations from University of the Punjab only as a source of earning money, without paying much attention towards the studies of students. Due to institutes like these, the education in Pakistan is facing a downfall.


As the decision was already taken by the Bar Council, there will be an extension in the degree of LLB. It will be extended from 3 years to 5 years for students who are willing to pursue a degree in law after their intermediate.

Two degrees will be carried on simultaneously:

  • The 3 year LLB degree: This degree is for the students who have completed a BA or BS degree and are willing to continue their legal studies.
  • The 5 year LLB degree: This degree is for students who want to pursue legal studies right after clearing their intermediate.

The upper age limit for enrolling yourself into an LLB degree is 24. The above mentioned information will apply for the academic session 2017-18.

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