13 reasons why

Selena Gomez has finally dropped a bomb among the youth, and has revealed that 13 reasons why will be coming back with a season 2, that too, very soon! And we have high expectations.


13 Reasons Why is a Netflix original series, which revolves around the suicide of a high school girl Hannah Baker. While there were several different views about season 1, let’s take out the crux of it before we move on to talking about our expectations from season 2. Hannah Baker has committed suicide and has left behind 13 tapes targeting 13 reasons why she has committed suicide. Each reason revolves around a person who mistreated her, leading her one step closer to taking her own life.

Some viewers objected that the season glorified death. However, in reality, it glorifies the behaviour of people towards the innocent which drives one to take his own life. While season one revolved around the reasons of Hannah’s death, there were several questions which were left unanswered for us. People from all over the world were going crazy and were hooked up on this show. And now we finally have a season 2 coming towards us soon.


Our expectations for this season? They’re simple. While the last season held us hanging in between about the outcome of the lawsuit filed by Hannah’s parents, we expect that this season will answer all our questions. Twitter has revealed to us 5 bullet points of what season 2 has in store:

Now finally, in season 2, we expect to see how everyone’s lives change after everyone has found out the part they had to play in Hannah’s death. Our questions include:

  1. What happens to Bryce Walker?

Does Bryce finally pay the price for raping both Hannah, and Jessica?

2. What about Alex?

It seems as if Alex Standall commits suicide at the end of the season. If so, why does he? Is all the pressure too much for him to handle?

3. Will Courtney finally stand up for her sexuality?

Courtney has two gay dads, and she’s been bullied about it her whole life. But now its exposed that she is gay herself too. Will Courtney finally stand up for it, and explain herself to her dads?

4. How will Jessica cope up with everything?

The night Jessica was raped

After constant trying of keeping the truth from Jessica, it is finally exposed to her. How will Jessica cope up with everything and return to normal, now that she knows she’s been raped by her boyfriend’s best friend?

5. What will be the Bakers do next?

The Bakers with their lawyer

Tony finally hands over the tapes to Hannah’s parents, and we see them playing it at the end of the last episode. Will they report it to the court next?

6. Does Mr Porter give up on the case?

Mr Porter in his office

Mr Porter himself is on the last of Hannah’s tapes. What will be his next action towards the case, knowing he let Hannah slip into the hands of death right in front of him?

7. Does Clay open up to his parents?

Clay's mom talking to him

We’ve seen Clay lie to his parents over and over again for Hannah and her tapes. But seems like his mom is onto the secret. Will he finally come out clear and tell his mom about the tapes?

8. What’s up with Tyler?

Why does Tyle have guns right under his camera equipment in a case, and what has he been doing with those?tyler season 2

So all our questions and confusions in a nutshell, we expect to see Hannah get the justice she deserved for what everyone did to her by forcing her to take her own life.

Committing suicide has been the second top reason for youngsters dying over the last 5 years in the world, even in Pakistan. We need to address this situation more openly, with creative ideas such as this. Season 2 of 13 reasons why is eagerly awaited.


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