Heavenly places in Pakistan

Whenever we think of Pakistan, the term terrorism pop up into our minds. The women are wearing burqas and men holding guns roaming freely in the streets of Pakistan. What we fail to realise is that there is a lot more to Pakistan than terrorism, load shedding, sectarianism and corruption. Places in Pakistan are difficult to describe. The lush green valleys, beautiful mountains, cold water streams, historical monuments, high glacial mountains, hot desert of Cholistan and Thar, etc. all adds up to the beauty of Pakistan.

Here, are 14 must-visit places of Pakistan

1.  Naltar Valley

Naltar Valley Is located in Gilgit-Baltistan and is about 2.5 hours away from Gilgit. The valley entices the tourists with its picturesque lakes that make them fall in love with the place.

2.   Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir

Neelum Valley is located in Azad Kashmir. The valley is home to freshwater streams, forests, beautiful mountains, brooks and a river. Water falls from the mountain in the form of waterfalls and splashing itself against the rock making its way to the down to lakes and rivers. The whole view is breathtaking Due to its beauty the valley is swarmed with tourists.

3. Shangrila Resorts, Skardu

Skardu is also known as heaven on earth. The place is filled with the several streams, springs and green valleys. The hospitality of the natives is exceptional. It is the central valley of Gilgit-Baltistan and is the found in the extreme north of Pakistan. It is an epitome of beauty, tranquillity and wilderness.

Shangrila Resorts are famous tourists spot in Skardu. Restaurant in Shangrila was built on the inside of aircraft which is just a cherry on the chocolate cake for the visitors.

4.    Deosai Plains

Deosai is positioned on the margin of Karakoram and the western Himalayas, and it is 4114 meters above sea level. The plains are covered with snow for eight months, and the rest of the year it produces a wide range of beautiful flowers of all varieties and colours. There is not a single tree in the area of 3000 sq. km.

Sheosar Lake also comes in these plains. The lake with its deep blue water, beautiful snow covered mountains, wildflowers provide a view worth millions.

5.   Paye

Siri Paye, a meadow located on the top of Hindu Kush and is 10 km away from the Shogran valley. The place is consumed with clouds, and the fog enhances the view manifold. Numerous small ponds filled with freshwater, horse-riders wandering about, and smell yellow wildflowers blooming everywhere. With the Makara Peak set as a backdrop, the beauty of the Siri Paye Meadows comes to life.

6. Ayun and Bamburet Valley

Ayun district is a village of Chitral. Located 12 kilometres south of the city at the union of the River Bamburet. Words fall short while describing the beauty of the mountain surrounding the village. Beyond Ayun valley is Bamburet Valley, it is one of the three Kalash valleys.

Bamburet is nearly two-hour journey from Chitral. Natives trace their roots to Alexander the Great and Greece. Bamburet valley with its striking beauty, scenic mountains, and lush greenery gives you the sense of calm and solitude.

7.   White Palace Swat

White Palace Marghazar was constructed in 1941 by the directives of the Miangul Abdul Wadood (Badshah Sahab). It is located at 700 feet above sea level on Marghazar Hill. The uniqueness of white Palace leads to the swarms of tourists even after seven decades. The Palace does not look beautiful in summer but winter brings out its captivating beauty and snow acts as an icing on the cake.

8.   Kirthar area

Kirthar range is famous for its spectacular beauty and also for its rich history. It stretches from Sindh to Baluchistan, serving as a natural border between the two provinces. Spread across 150 miles it is an ideal tourist spot due to several streams, springs, historical locations. This mountain range includes exquisite Gorakh Hill (5700 above seal level), Kutte Hi Qabar(6877 above sea level) and Bandu Ji Qabar (7112 above seal level).

9.   Mubarak Village Karachi

Mubarak is the second largest fishermen village in Karachi. The landscape borders Gadani (Balochistan) and encircles the stark contrast of golden hills and clear turquoise water. The view of numerous boats anchored in the crystal clear water beneath the expansive sky take your mind away from all the frenzy of the city.

10.   Rural areas near Punjab river

Nature has gifted Punjab with innumerable blessings. With all four seasons, fertile land, lush green farms and all the colours of every season, rural areas of a Punjab is truly a worth watching site.

11.  Ghanche District, Gilgit–Baltistan

Gilgit-Baltistan’s Ghanche district with its flowing crystal water, high summits, cataracts, beautiful landscape and its most hospitable people is truly a gift for tourists.

The people of this small settlement on the bank of River Shyok, are warm and loving, as they were centuries before. The Peak of Mashabrum Mountain can also be seen in the backdrop.

12.   Ranikot Fort

Ranikot, with a circumference of about 26 km, is the largest fort in the world. However, this has not been enough to convince the authorities to develop it as a major tourist attraction.This fort is readily available from Karachi through the National Highway.

13.   Bahawalpur

The princely state of Bahawalpur along with its deserts and the land of lush gardens that pacify your thirst for splendour whereas the magnificance of its Palaces will remind you of the old days of history.

14.  Gorak Hill

Snowfall – in Sindh sounds like a dream. Gorak Hill -in Sindh is a place where snow actually falls. In 2008 the snow fell to the extent that entire mountain got covered by its layer. Gorak plateau is the part of Kirathar range and has the height of 5688 feet.

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