20 million Pakistanis consume alcohol; Too much for an Islamic Republic


Despite being the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the consumption of alcohol in Pakistan is on a rapid rise. Perhaps, the only name is not sufficient,

According to a report by the WSJ (Wall Street Journal), 10% of Pakistan’s population drinks alcohol.

The report cited the Dr. Sadaqat Ali who is project director as Willing Ways (the oldest addiction treatment center), who estimated, ” 20 million Pakistanis from all religious groups and economic classes — around 10% of the population — drink regularly.”

In a country where alcohol is prohibited due to the religious reasons consists of 97% Muslim population. Let’s believe that entire 3% non-Muslim population drinks alcohol, then it only implies that there are 7% Pakistani Muslims who drink the wine, we are not sure whether this 7 % are in favor of naming Pakistan as the Islamic Republic or not.

“Yes, I do drink alcohol, but at least I don’t drink the blood of the poor.” Mr. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto spoke these words, while he was the man who banned the open sale of wine in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, the elite class still manages to access the imported and high-quality wine, but those who have to rely on the local distilleries can not afford the hygienic drink. Resultantly, they have to rely on dangerous options that often take the life before consumers get any medical aid in hospitals due to harmful side effects.

Earlier this month, an invitation to alcohol party went viral on social media. Off course, such party was arranged on behalf of some elite class person as middle class in [Pakistan can’t afford to do this openly.

Even such dance and liquor parties are very common in Pakistan in the event of the new year, but they remain absent from the eyes of general public owing to the constitutional ban on alcohol in the country. Under the banner of the private parties, elite class books hotels, farms and other such luxurious places to lavishly celebrate the new year.

Such incidents become very familiar on the occasion of Christmas where Christian community in the rural area that uses the cheap wine often becomes its victim. On the recent eve of Christmas handful of people in district Toba Tek Singh of the province, Punjab succumbed to death after they consumed the poisonous alcohol.

In Pakistan where the government fails to put a quality check on a commonly used commodity like milk, how one can expect that an item which is allowed for limited sale can be put to scrutiny in term of the user’s standards.

The media gets to know about casualties only on the specific events of non-Muslims where they use the alcohol frequently, the deaths that happen in 7% of the Muslim community due to consumption of low-quality alcohol never come to limelight.


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