Member of KPK Assembly four marriages

A woman member of KPK assembly has just given a piece of advice to those who are looking forward to having four marriages in their life.

While talking on the issue of social corruption, the member of KPK advised that person whose monthly income is one million only he should have four marriages. This fact implies that financial condition is the fundamental prerequisite for deciding the number of marriages and if a person is not financially secure he should not opt for the wedding.

In our society, marriage is considered to be a strong fort against the moral evil and also a significant contract for pursuing the tradition of the family system. According to the formula given by the woman member of KPK provincial assembly, even one marriage requires the average income of 2 Lac. In Pakistan, there is a social class whose average monthly income is 10000 to 15000. In this regard, such social class is not capable of affording a marriage and a family life.

Given the rhetoric about PTI chairman the Imran Khan’s weddings, such suggestions merely on financial grounds are not acceptable as reasons for the broken marriages are other than financial. Keeping in view such complications member of KPK provincial assembly could have come up with better options.


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