3 Bahadur The Revenge of Baba Balaam

3 Bahadur is an epic journey of friendship, teamwork, and courage. Indeed, the first tale of three unlikely superheroes was the beginning a larger movement, making Pakistani children a part of the nationwide phenomenon that is “Team3Bahadur”. 3 Bahadur Part 2 upholds this legacy with an endeavor to inspire the children of Pakistan further.

Speaking about ‘3 Bahadur’, Academy Award Winning Film Director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy said:

“3 Bahadur was a very special project for me because it inculcated a sense of pride and ownership in Pakistani children. Now, with #3Bahadur Part 2, I want to make sure that Saadi, Kamil and Amna inspire bravery and fearlessness in every child across the country.”

Featuring Fahad Mustafa and returning as voice actors in the sequel are Zuhab Khan as Saadi, Hanzala Shahid as Kamil, Bahroze Sabzwari as Deenu, Bassam Shazli as Pateeli and Chatpa and Hammad Siddiq as Ghutka and Shikra.

“Good films force people to come in cinemas which can be clearly seen as Pakistani movies are doing record business as compared to Indian movies,” she asserted.

Here’s the Trailer of Pakistan one and only animated movie series:

Also joining the cast of #3Bahadur Part 2 are actor and musicians Ahmed Ali Butt as Gola and Ali Gul Pir as Teeli and Lolly along with Sarwat Gilani as Saadi’s mother, Salman Shahid as Baba Balaam, Arisha Razi as Amna, Mustafa Changezi as Tony and Zeba Shahnaz as Parrot.

Double-Oscar winner Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy has said that producing movies for children is need of the hour.

Sharmeen pronounced that Pakistani film industry has declined due to its people while new cinema houses have also not helped in flourishing the industry.

We truly need these kinds of ventures. we need our superheroes and technology implemented in animated movies.


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