4 year old Zainab, raped and killed near Harbanspura, Lahore


On Saturday, a four-year-old girl named Zainab was brutally killed after being raped in Rasheedpura, Harbanspura, Lahore.

The girl was found on the roof of her neighbor’s house where she was assaulted and later thrown after being killed by her alleged kidnapper, Umar. Locals of the area captured the accused and handed over to the police which came to the crime scene later, which caused the locals to protest against the police and questioned their credibility.

Parents of Zainab, the four-year-old victim, said that she left the house to get some ice and never turned home; they looked for her throughout the night but couldn’t find her; finally, they searched their neighbor’s house where they found the lifeless body of the child.

The alleged murderer and rapist of Zainab, Umar, have fled away confirming the suspicions against him; the police is currently looking for him while interrogating the accused’s father.

The body of Zainab has been sent for postmortem to get a clear idea and motive behind this act of brutality.






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