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Dandruff is a serious problem, that not only girls, but guys face as well. It often happens in the winters, when your scalp gets really dry. The best way to get rid of dandruff is to use oil remedies. Oil remedies including the use of Oil on hair on regular basis and massaging it into your scalp can help reduce dandruff to a great extent!

Some of the best oils you can use as oil remedies to fight off dandruff are as follows:

Coconut Oil:

Coconut Oil by far is one of the best oils you can use in order to make your hair healthier, shinier, and better! It also helps you with getting rid of dandruff, you can oil your hair with coconut oil everyday until its sure that your hair is dandruff-free. Then you can keep using coconut oil once a week!

Tea tree oil:

Tea tree oil in general is great to heal skin issues like acne, and it helps you get rid of dandruff as well. You can add a few drops of it in your regular oil, or mix it with your shampoo, and you’ll see your dandruff disappearing within 2 weeks!

Jojoba Oil:

People don’t really use Jojoba oil anymore, although this is one of the purest and most natural forms of oil you can receive. You might want to invest in one if you wish to get rid of Dandruff. Simply heat up the oil in a bowl for a few seconds, massage your scalp, and wash up your hair after an hour or so.

Olive Oil:

Olive Oil has a lot of benefits all in all, but treating dandruff is a blessing by it! You can use Olive Oil in your hair about twice a week, and leave your hair drenched in olive oil overnight to avoid having dandruff.

Neem Oil:

Although this is not easily available in stores, its still great for your hair in every way. Consider yourself lucky if you get your hands on a bottle of neem oil. To help get rid of dandruff, mix a few drops of neem oil with an equal amount of coconut oil and massage on your scalp. Then wrap your hair in a towel for a while, and wash your hair after about an hour!


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