Forbidden places
Svalbard Global Seed Vault - PHOTO: THE CROP TRUST

Though freedom of movement is well-known thing to everyone still, some forbidden places are there in the world you can not visit because you are not allowed and that too for some reasons.

1. Snake Island

Forbidden places
Snake Island – PHOTO: HUFFPOST

The island of Brazil is one of the dangerous places in the world to visit because it possesses 4,000 deadliest snakes.

Their venom is so sharp and powerful enough to melt the human flesh easily.

Brazilian Government has prohibited the citizens from visiting the island.

2. The Vatican’s Secret Archive

Forbidden places
The Vatican’s Secret Archive – PHOTO: MAIL ONLINE

It’s one of the largest libraries of the world and the most private one. The ancient library contains the most secret documents in the lock.

Only qualified sacred scholars have access to the library; another place in the world people can not visit much.

3. The Lascaux Caves

Forbidden places
The Lascaux Caves – PHOTO: LES EYZIES

The Lascaux Caves is situated in France and contains the Stone Age paintings. The art is about 17,000 years old and was discovered in 1940.

Since, 1955 it was warned by the experts about the damaging of the paintings due to heat, humidity and carbon dioxide brought in by the tourists.

Consequently, the cases get closed and a no-go area till now.

4. Google Datacenter

Forbidden places

It is a high-security area and has billions and trillions of records of data. No one can visit the place ever.

5. The Coca-Cola Vault

Forbidden places

It is one of the most interesting forbidden places in the world. The high-tech vault contains Coca-Cola secret formula, which is greatly protected and only a few people know the formula.


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