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Some celebrities, whether models, actresses, or merely Instagram friendly and famous bloggers, are not what they used to look like some 5 years ago. Wondering why? Well, the answer’s simple. Its all thanks to plastic surgeries! However, these girls have also started to look quite plastic now. What’s your take on the following five?

Kylie Jenner:

instagram celebHere’s the youngest of the KarJenner clan, Kylie. Although rejecting her lip injections for a long time, Kylie now finally admits that she has had lip fillers injected to make her lips look more plump. But we really do doubt whether that’s the only surgery she’s everĀ gotten?

Faryal Makhdoom:

instagram celebEeee… this one’s scary now. Faryal Makhdoom Khan, the known wife of the two times world boxing champion Amir Khan, just wants to look perfect. No matter if her face starts to look a bit like a fish, but well, she’s perhaps trying to be the same as all those other Instagram celebrities who have lip fillers and raised up cheek bones!

Brookelle Mckenzie:

instagram celeb

Brookelle once used to be a girl with chubbiness and an adorable look, having chopped dark hair. Today? Here’s what she looks like now, and we can’t help but have out jaws drop! She’s lost weight, and apparently, she’s lost all the looks she once used to have too!

instagram celebs

Farah Dukhai:

instagram celeb

The Queen of DIYs herself has some secrets she doesn’t really talk of as well. Looks like someone got a very serious nose job done! What do you guys think?

Blac Chyna:

instagram celebBlac Chyna’s just one of those really famous celebrities who’s pretty social on Instagram, and just like others, she’s gotten a lot of surgery done on her face too.


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