5 most possible outcomes of Panama Case verdict


Since the Panama Case drama is at its climax in Pakistan as the Panama Case verdict will be announced soon today at 11:30 AM by the five member bench of the Supreme Court (SC).

After the final report of the Panama Case Joint Investigation Team (JIT), Supreme Court again started the hearings and finally decided to announce the judgment today.

There are different expected consequences of the big day of Panama Case as analyzed by many.

The five most possible outcomes that can happen as a result of Panama Case verdict are here!

1. PM could be disqualified

The first possible decision might include the disqualification of the PM Nawaz Sharif because he didn’t remain, Sadiq and Ameen, as declared after the whole investigating.

The same has predicted by senior journalist Imtiaz Alam.

2. Premier might stay in office

It has also been assumed that since no big decisions come against the high officials in the fragile democracies like Pakistan, it seems impossible for PM to get disqualified.

3. Case may be referred to NAB

Supreme Court may send the case to National Accountability Bureau (NAB), and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif might fight the case even harder.

4. PM might be asked to leave the office till the investigation by NAB

The judgment of Panama Case final verdict might ask Nawaz Sharif to exit the office till the NAB completes its investigation.

PM may request any credible member of the party to take his seat till the NAB ends the probing. In that case, Ayaz Sadiq is most expected to become PM.

5. Nawaz Sharif might resign himself

Though this is least expected, as suggested by some party members to PM to resign from the premiership, so, it might be possible that Nawaz Sharif himself steps away no matter what the verdict would be.


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