5 reasons that prove ‘Unfair’ is the new lovely

unfair is lovely

Racism through color discrimination is a common issue we have all have faced at some time and level. We have been made to feel like we are good enough because we are not a particular color; especially if we are girls who are ‘unfair’ or ‘dusky’ living in a country like Pakistan.
I felt so bad when as a kid I was made fun of and called ugly because I wasn’t fair, and fair is pretty. But as I grew up I realized that beauty is subjective and that everybody has their own specialty, someone is pretty, someone is wise and someone is both.

This is a shout out to all the dusky girls out there, to tell them that being ‘unfair’ makes them ‘lovely.’

Dark skin is an ultimate shield from the sun

Want to count the virtues of dark skin? it reduces the risk of skin cancer, provides better protection from heat and cold, and protects nervous system * didn’t know that did you?*
Do you still want to be a fair skin ticking time bomb? I hope not.

It keeps you younger looking

It lengthens the skin decaying process and protects you from wrinkles, dark spots, and rough skin.

The exotic look

Don’t know how many of you have observed it but darker skin comes across more attractive to the Goras *or Non- South Asian* Not that we are comparing, but are definitely keeping score.

You don’t need to add ‘color’ to yourself

You have a warm radiant color and don’t have to do much to maintain; just a simple, clean look would do.

People will start showing their true colors once you embrace yours

When you don’t stop pretending and start accepting who you are, things will become much simpler. People who like you for real would like you, and the people you secretly despise your skin color they would ‘ come out of the closet’ as well.

This way you would decide who to keep in life and who doesn’t belong in it.

TO all the ‘ unfair,’ dusky beauties out there, this one is for you.





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