Am I the only one who gets bothered if someone is wearing the wrong pair of shoes with their outfit?

“Shoes are the reflection of one’s personality”

According to the report of “Footwear market in the Visegrad Group countries and the Republic of Croatia”, China, the U.S and India are the top 3 consumers of footwear consuming 3,800 Million, 2442 Million, and 2196 million shoes respectively each year. However, Pakistan only produces approximately 400 million shoes for the public each year. The reason why Pakistan is not in the top 10 shoes consuming countries of the world is because Pakistanis usually do not pay much attention to the need of following the fashion trends for good shoes.

That is why I’ve listed 5 of the top shoe trends for this season, that every Pakistani girl can easily follow! Consider the following pairs of shoe summer essentials for your wardrobe, among other things.

  1. All wrapped up!


These shoes can be seen worn by every blogger, and every Hollywood celebrity this year. They are extremely cute, and they will suit both, your western and eastern, attires!



A pair of loafers are must-haves for yourself this Summer. Loafers are comfortable and are perfect for a casual day out.

3. Khussas:


Khussas look very elegant under Shalwar Kameez. The Lawn clothes are all the hype this year, and Khussas are always a good idea to wear with them. They are simple, yet very charming.

4. Pencil Heels:


Pencil heels never go out of fashion. Once again, they are trending this summer. Rock your heels on a fancy event, either with a dress or Shalwar Kameez, you’ll look equally good with both!

5. Platforms:


Platforms are once again back in fashion. Whether we see the runway of Michael Kors or Marc Jacobs, every model is wearing funky new platforms under their clothes. Platforms are relaxing, and they can serve to be great buddies for a long day full of adventure this summer!


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