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5 Suspicious things which prove Ayesha Gulalai wrong

Ayesha Gulalai has exposed a heinous moral crime that is going on inside PTI for years. She says the party leader sends her ‘Ganday’ vulgar messages.

That’s not fair to a woman.

But going through so many press conferences and her opinion in talk shows, our common sense suggests that things are being exaggerated and confusing. Here we have five suspicious things which prove Ayesha Gulalai is wrong.

Why Ayesha Gulalai remained silent up till now?

The most common thought among the public is that if Imran Khan was inappropriately treating her or harassing her by sending immoral messages then why she remained silent till now. It seems like she was agreed on what was going on. But, according to Gulalai, she was in introvert mode due to her father as he advised her to do so. Then why now, she is not acting on his old pieces of advice.

Then what happened now? Is she disrespecting her father or there is some other advisor now?

Why is she not showing proofs to the media?

According to Ayesha Gulalai, she has the proofs of Imran Khan’s inappropriate messages but will show on some reasonable forum such as the court. She expressed her intention during a TV show.

If she planned to present the proofs to a court, then why she took the help of media to spread the news?

Does she have proofs like this?

ayesha gulalai
This is one of the doctored screenshots of WhatsApp which PML-N supporters are spreading on the social media

Why Ayesha praised KPK government back in 2014?

When Marvi Memon attacked KPK for not doing their work in the province back in the Dharna days, Aeysha came up with a better explanation to support her party. She, in 2014, openly claimed that KPK government was more like a welfare state of Madina. However, now, to her, KPK is the worst place and the hub of corruption. Isn’t it strange??

Why is she not leaving MNA seat?

She was elected to the reserved seats from PTI. By law, she needs to quit MNA-ship if she leaves the party. But, She wants to enjoy the perks and not ready to leave the seat. What she is thinking??

Her own assistant speaks against herayesha gulalaiayesha gulalaiayesha gulalaiayesha gulalai 5



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