5 things every Brown girl have to face on Eid-ul-Fitr


It is commonly perceived that the Eid is for the ladies of the house, with all their preparations, dresses, jewelry, etc. But people tend to ignore the struggles desi girls face throughout the Eid days which make their lives a living hell.

Here are few things we can relate to if you are desi girl celebrating Eid.

As the clock strikes 7 in the morning

Eid day should be a day where you can wake up on your time, feeling fresh as a daisy, ready to dress up but in reality, it’s your mom screaming at you and giving you a panic attack for no apparent reason.

So you end up getting up at 7 in the morning, getting ready and sleeping again afterward *applause* brown girls on eid

Spice-free Day

when the men of the house are out and about, chilling with their buddies after Eid prayer, the desi girls stuck at home are deprived of salt for their taste buds.

If you are desi girl who loves sweet, kudos to you! But if by any chance, you hate it, you might have to go on a hunger strike on Eid. brown girls on eid

Lack of opportunities to get “dolled-up”

Your mother would keep saying ” tayar kyun nahi horai, din khatam hoga to hogi? ” and keep asking you to do different house chores at the same time leaving you with no time to get the fashionista inside you out. Make up your minds mothers! brown girl on eid

The Arrival 

After your weird sleepless day, when you finally decide that on one is going to show up and decide to take a nap, your home is invaded by your cousins, their cousins, and cousins of cousins. With them, all dressed up and you looking like a potato,  you don’t want to meet your mother’s glaring eyes. brown girls on eid

The Closing 

At the end of the day, with all your dreams shattered to celebrate the day to the fullest, you somehow feel contented sitting in front of the tv, watching the special Eid transmission on every channel brown girl on eid

this ain’t so bad, is it?
If you are a brown girl and have more to add to this story, let us know.


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