As inhabitants of the pulsating, energetic, and vibrant land of Pakistan we desis have spirited personalities that resemble all 7 colors of the rainbow.

Now, the problem is that our vivacious character is sometimes overwhelmingly amazing to handle (It’s a real struggle actually).

We can be completely at ease with our desi ways in foreign settings and even though we may not always notice it, this can be very annoying for those around us.

While we deal with the details of planning a holiday and double-check already packed bags a trillion times, we all tend to do rather ‘uncool’ things that are majorly upsetting for those around us. Such as:

Creating a fuss at Airport Security

Traveling Airport

All the rules and regulations that passengers are expected to follow through airport security are clearly mentioned online. So please, do your fellow passengers a favor and read up on how much your bags are supposed to weigh, if your medication and lotions are allowed on board, and DO NOT I repeat DO NOT wear anything metallic like a belt while traveling. It will drive everyone crazy during each security check (and trust me, there will be many!).

Also, do not be that person who acts all surprised when someone from security tells them a blatantly obvious rule like; ‘Knives and scissors are not allowed on board’ – Just, don’t be that person.

Do Not Compare Everything to your Home Town

Traveling Home Town

“There is no place like home” everyone gets that. So there is no need to constantly point out why your hometown is better than this new city. Calm down and appreciate the differences that make every place so unique. You’ll enjoy things more while traveling once you look at them from an open perspective.

Letting your Kids have ‘Fun’ at other People’s Expense

Traveling Kids

One of the most annoying things in the world is encountering a bratty little kid who behaves obnoxiously towards strangers in public, under his parents’ vigilance.

Listen, you may be on vacation, but that doesn’t mean you can let your kids kick other people’s seats on a flight, throw food in restaurants, or hit strangers while walking – That parental glare of disapproval is sometimes very necessary!

Over Packing

Traveling Over Packing

On every flight, there is that one person who basically brought half his luggage on board and now takes forever to load and offload it. This is irritating for air hostesses who’ll have to figure out a way to create extra space, fellow passengers who’re left waiting, and it’ll be a huge hassle for them as well! Having to keep track of your coats and bags is awful on a long flight.

Testing your Bargaining Skills in Inappropriate Places

Traveling Bargaining Skills

Every kid who has ever traveled with Desi parents will know what I’m talking about. We all know that brown parents have been gifted with the talent of bargaining. But that does not mean they can execute it anywhere they like. For God’s Sake do not try to get a discount on your flight ticket or hotel room because it’s clearly not going to happen!

Apart from this, remember that traveling is a blissful experience. Do not overwhelm yourself in the preparatory phase of packing bags and booking online flight tickets. Just calm down, enjoy the process, and have fun!

This article is authored by Umana Khan.


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