Urdu novels

Since many of us love to read books and there is a huge craze of Urdu novels in all the generations.

The Urdu novels have their own beauty and versatility that readers get hooked to them.

Reading the masterpieces once never looks enough and people go through one book several times.

Getting over such writings never remains easy. Five of the outclass works are here!

1. Mushaf

This totally perfect piece of the work will surely blow your mind away and is written by the super talented Nimra Ahmad.

The interpretation of the Quranic verses is the main attraction of this novel.

The story surrounds the young girl Mehmal and her inclination towards Islam with time.

“Insan ki baat main daleel nahi huti. Daleel sirf Quran ya Hadith se paish ki jati hai, kuin kay dono naazil-e-Khudawandi hutey hain.”

– Part taken from Mushaf

2. Peer-e-Kaamil

The all-time favorite and super famous work of Umera Ahmad is Peer-e-Kaamil for sure. The excellence and beauty of this novel are indefinable in words.

It’s basically a story of a conversion of the Qadiyani girl to Islam.

“What is next to ecstasy? Pain. What is next to pain? Nothingness. What is next to nothingness? Hell.”

– One of the deepest dialogues from the novel.

3. Jannat kay pattay

This novel of Nimra Ahmad deserves millions of the awards as its suspense and thrill is so perfectly written and she played so well with the words.

The tale of Haya’s hijab fight and spy Jehan is beautifully portrayed in Jannat kay pattay.

“Mujhey nahi maloom kay hijaab wajib hai ya mustahib, main bas ye janti hun kay ye Allah ko pasand hai toh phir ye mujhey bhi pasand huna chaye.”

– A beautiful dialogue taken from Nimra’s work.

4. Aab-e-Hayat

Another landmark piece of Umera Ahmad is Aab-e-Hayat which is a sequel project of Peer-e-Kaamil.

The novel apprises further story about the married life of Salar and Umama.

“We have entered in a time where only success is making us respectful and not our other humanitarian qualities.”

– An extract from Aab-e-Hayat

5. Namal

This is another outstanding creation of Nimra Ahmad and you can fall in love with the every single character of the novel.

Everyone is a hero in this magnificent work and the story is subjected towards the ‘avenge’.

“Hamara maseeha sirf aik shakhs huta hai aur wo hum khud hute hain.”

– One of the powerful dialogues of Namal.

All of these five masterpieces are not to miss ones and you will never ever regret reading them.


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