thriller horror

Who’s a thriller horror movies junkie here? Well, I know that I am! Here are some of those movies which I absolutely love, and those that gave me jump scares. Dare to watch them? I bet you’ll lose your sleep.

Evil Dead:

thriller horror

The Evil Dead of 2013 is actually a remake of the movie from 1983. However, it’s just as scary, slightly gore, but definitely #1 on my list of horror movies one needs to see!

Friend Request:

thriller horror

Friend Request is perhaps one movie which is probably the best that I’ve seen in a while. It has several jumps scares, the story line is strong, and it’ll make you rethink your decision before adding any unknowns in your facebook account!

Dead Silence:

thriller horror

Scared of puppets and dolls? Well, your fright is going to come to life every time you see a vintage doll after you watch this movie. It’s about a woman who didn’t have any children but had 99 dolls, and a curse she does on a family which goes on for generations.

Don’t breathe:

thriller horror

Don’t breathe, because if you’re stuck with a blind person, he can’t see you but he can definitely hear and feel you breathe. It’s a thriller horror movie which is slightly psychotic, but definitely a scary movie to watch to have a good time!


thriller horror

Insidious is a horror movie which in one way shows us the curtain between the living and the dead/ghosts. A boy becomes a vessel for ghosts, in order for them to live again.

It has a series of 3 movies, each explaining to us everything happening in the former movie.


thriller horror

Hush is another thriller movie just like Don’t breathe. Are you scared of crazy serial killers? Well, this movie revolves around a serial killer who tortures a deaf and dumb woman inside her own house. He doesn’t even kill her directly, but tortures her as much as he can!


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