6th Population Census in Pakistan; Know how government is doing it


Pakistan’s 6th Population census would start on March 15, 2017. Government would collect population stats after the 19 years since the last census took place in 1998

For many people, especially youngsters, this is the first time when they would experience their government counting on people. So, they are unfamiliar with the process.

Here is a guideline how the process would move on and the public would be able to record the data about their families and households.

In an interview, Chief Census Commissioner Punjab Arif Baloch unfolded how the census would take place through strategically divided phases of time.

Two Phases of Population Census 2017

In Punjab, population census is divided into two phases. The first would begin from 15 March and end on 15 April. It would cover 16 districts of Punjab.  The second period would start from 25 April and end on 25th May. In first three days of each period house census would be conducted to count the number of homes. In the second phase, population census would take place in which the number of people would be counted.

Division of Blocks and  Manpower for Census

Another strategic division is the one according to blocks. An urban block would constitute 250 houses while a rural block would constitute 200 homes. In total there would 86000 blocks.

Punjab Government has provided more than 62000 of the workforce for conducting the census. Soldiers from Pakistan army would also assist the data collectors.

Identity of Population Census Form

Every Population census form would have a unique identity due to a secret bar code on it.  This would help to report a missing form and then decide the fate of data on it accordingly.

Prisoners, Nomades and Madrassah Students would also be counted

For the first time, the population census would also count for inmates in the jails, nomads, and residents of Madrassahs who are often homeless.

Allocation of Funds for Population Census

The government has allocated huge funds for the census. The funds would be at the disposal of Commissioner and deputy commissioner at each district level. The Assistant Commissioner from each Tehsil would have the assistance of an official from PBS (Punjab Bureau of Statistics).

Population census 2017 is too much late. According to census should take place after every ten years. The purpose of taking insights about demographics is to aid in economic planning and ensure the just distribution of resources


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