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This spaniel is a small purebred known for being cheerful, independent, and quiet. Spaniels are only slightly active dogs, so if you’re not a super active person, this might be the right dog for you. They are easy to train, shed minimally, and have cute little noses that you’ll love.

The American Eskimo Dog is a purebred medium dog known for its energetic, intelligent, protective, and friendly demeanour. All of these pups are either cream-colored or white. This breed mostly looks like the dog version of a white polar bear, and with all that fluff comes a bit of shedding. However, they make excellent watchdogs and are exquisite with kids.

This purebred terrier is small in size and known for being affectionate, intelligent, and social. Terriers are typically black, tan, or red in colour, and shed their fur minimally. They are highly adaptable dogs, making them excellent apartment companions, and easy enough to train, too.

The Keeshond is a medium-sized purebred dog known for being affectionate, playful, and alert. They are typically black, grey, silver, or white. You will see very quick results when you train them, and they love to play with kids.

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is a medium purebred and relative of the more famous Pembroke Welsh Corgi (which has orange and white fur). The Cardigan breed is best known for being affectionate, intelligent, loving, and loyal. These pups tend to be a mix of different colors— from black to tan, grey, and red. They are very easy to train, low maintenance, and have adorable short legs.

The Chow Chow just might be the chubbiest, fluffiest little pup on the market. These dogs are large purebreds that are known for being a little detached, intelligent, loyal, and quiet. They aren’t the best with kids, but they are excellent watchdogs and only slightly active. So if you’re an indoors person who wants a fluffy, fun companion, this dog might be the one for you.

The Samoyed is a large, purebred, polar-bear looking fluff ball that originated in Russia. These bundles of joy are cheerful, energetic, friendly, lively, and loyal. They are always either cream-colored, golden, or white in colour. They are very active dogs, but relatively easy to train, and great with kids. They are so cute as puppies; you might just take the whole litter home.


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