Passengers in PIA

Jokes that equate traveling experience on a plane to that of the bus have just become real, as PIA overloaded its plane with more passengers, making extras stand like they do on a local bus.

PIA made 7 passengers stand throughout their 3 hours long journey from Karachi to Madina. Its flight PK-743 had 416 passengers on board despite having a capacity to accommodate only 409 individuals; A situation quite similar to the metro bus.

Boarding excess people was a clear security breach the management is inquiring the specific matter. The staff that was present on duty including the pilot, senior purser, and traffic staff was shifting the blame to each other, reported Dawn.

A computerized list of the final list of passengers didn’t mention any extras as they had hand -written manual boarding cards.

It is astonishing how PIA could take such steps when no facilities were available for additional passengers to combat any state of emergency, like oxygen masks could have fallen short or an imbalance could have confronted as the plane was carrying more than its actual capacity.

It seems that over staffer PIA lacks pilots who are fully committed to fly their planned flights. A few days back an incident happened at Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore where a flight took off to Karachi following a five hours delay; the reason was that no pilot was available for a scheduled and fully reserved flight with many other discrepancies.

Maybe national flag bearer can’t stand anymore the public’s wrath for providing poor service. So it has come up with a strategy to do amusing things that would serve as a supply for funny memes on social media. The case of Pre-ATR goat slaughter makes it quite evident,

Yes, the nation is surely in crises and terribly needs something to laugh at, but at the expense of their precious lives.


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