marriage problems

If you are getting married, these are the questions you need to ask yourself right now!

Marrying out of Pressure

If you are marrying out of pressure, please don’t, because if you think the pressurizing ends here, you ain’t seen nothing yet!
After getting married, they will pressurize you to have babies, meet weird relatives, maintain a happy facade, etc.

marriage problems

Feeling Lonely

If you are marrying someone just because you are feeling lonely, remember that your loneliness would be doubled if you end up marrying the wrong person.

marriage problems

Lack of Romance

You feel like by getting married all the romantic candle light dinners, gifts and flowers will light up your world but you forget that love usually goes out of the window after marriage.

marrige problems

Reached the ‘Appropriate Age.’

There is no age for love, and there should, certainly, be no age for marriage as well, You should get married when you have met the right person not when you think you are of the ‘right age.’

Marriage problems

Because your friends are getting married

We should not do everything our friends are doing, remember, there is no return policy on marriage.

marriage problems

The shoes, dresses, and bags

It might come as a shock to guys, but girls are motivated to get married through the idea of wearing expensive clothes and jewelry. Doing this might be fun for few days, but remember, this phase won’t last long either.

marriage problems

Fear of Dying Alone 

If you think that you didn’t marry soon, you probably are going to grow old with your 9 cats, but that’s not true *well, mostly*

marriage problems


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