7 things experienced only on Eid day


Eid day is the day when some people absolutely abandon the behavior and habits they flaunt of proudly throughout the year and just for these 3 days, decide to have split personality.

Here are the types of people we come across only on Eid day.

The great HUG-WAR

The Most obvious thing to do to celebrate Eid day is hugging each and everyone you see, Umm..right?
Some people are in a constant state of war of hugging every smelly, stinky, person they come across and get some kind of high by doing so.

pople we meet on Eid day

Burqa clan turning into runway models

The ladies you see wrapped around in huge burqas throughout the year, right after their last Aftaar decide to turn Fashionistas and you around flipping their hair and dupattas in every direction.experiences on eid day

The Color Coding


Some people have the freedom to choose whatever they want to wear but some families have a very strict policy of color coding and can be seen moving around together to make the grand impact. experience on eid day

Getting loaded on Eid day

Everyone probably has two kinds of eidi giving relatives, the high-end money making machines who will make their eid blissful and the low-end eidi givers who might be quite well off but don’t want to spend their hard earn money on you *buzz killers*

So the attention and hugs they get are directly proportional to the amount of eidi they give. experiences on eid day

Eidi Takers turning into Eidi givers

If you belong to the group who just got their job before Eid, brace yourself as of now your eidi circle has been reduced and you are promoted to the giver section *yes I know not really the promotion you want* experiences on eid day

Parents taking away their Kids eidi and giving to other kids

The happiness of getting eidi you feel is very temporary has it is soo going to be snatched away from you by your parents to be given to other kids because ain’t no-one got the hearts to empty their own pockets *sniffs* experience on eid day

Lunches and dinners with same people for 3 continuous days

So basically you get to see, hug and make small talk to the same faces for three consecutive days; with all the awkward laughs, handshakes and lame jokes, you know these three days are going to be harder than you thought. experiences on eid day






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