hermione granger role model feminist

Anybody who has seen and understood ‘Harry Potter’ wouldn’t disagree with the fact that Hermione Granger is GOALS!
Without her, Harry and Ron would be running around like headless chickens. She made the plan, worked on its execution and delivered it perfectly, in spite of all the hate and criticism coming towards her.
Here are few reasons why desi feminist could relate to Queen Granger.

Started off as a ‘Mud-blood’ with nothing in her favor

It was a perfect metaphor for social discrimination when Hermione Granger was bashed for being a ‘mud-blood’ by the pure-blooded families. In spite of all the hurdles coming her way, not only she rose above this discrimination but also smashed the culprit behind it.hermione granger role model feminist

Didn’t Dumb herself down for the men around her

Right from the beginning, she didn’t give a damn about what others thought of her, she knew the stuff, and she showed it. She didn’t back out of putting bullies to shame by her knowledge.
She had zero time for the men that didn’t understand her and wasn’t ready to dumb herself down because of them; this quality of hers helped them to win the war.hermione best role model feminist

The boy who lived owed his life to Hermoine Granger

The star of the show, the only hope against Voldemort *the one who must not be named* Harry Potter would have been ‘the boy you died because he wasn’t so bright’ if it wasn’t for Hermione Granger.
She saved him countless times, without him being thankful about it because that’s what we do for the people we love.hermione granger role model feminist

Didn’t need a man’s validation

Be it her friend or the love of her life, Hermione needed validation from no one to keep moving forward. She went ahead, spoke her mind, did what she thought was right, and stuck to her decision. hermione role model feminist

Made some tough choices in life

Be it the time when the love of her life wrongly thought she was in love with his best friend *yikes*; or when she had to erase her parents’ memory before going on a life threating mission, she didn’t break down and gave up on her duties towards the wizarding world. In fact, she kept moving forward, prioritizing her duties over her own heart.hermione granger role model feminist

She was an Activist

Be it the fight against the Pure-blood system or the rights of house elves, Hermoine Granger always stood for what she thought was right. She was never afraid to say it like it is. She didn’t just talk, she believed in taking action, and his attitude of hers helped them to win the fight against Voldemort.HERMIONE GRANGER ROLE MODEL FEMINIST

Strong, brave and unapologetically herself

People often talk about Harry’s bravery and Ron’s undying loyalty, but they sometimes fail to mention that Hermione Granger was the combination of both. She was always there for her friends even when sometimes they weren’t there for her.
From a very young age, she fought demons and monster, both inside her and outside in the world. She wasn’t perfect or flawless, but she was true to herself.
People wanted to grow up to be doctor and scientist, but I just wanted to be Hermione Granger.hermione granger role model feminist


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