7 times movie quotes got too real

best movie quotes

Has it ever happened to you were watching a movie and one of the characters said something, and it almost gave you chills because that is exactly how you were feeling, exactly how you thought the same thing a few days back, or how that is exactly what you thought of the world?
Here we have movie quotes for that got too real too quick.

When you were filled with pessimism 



When you were broke AF


When you needed the motivation to keep moving forward 

movie quotes

When you were stuck in love 

movie quotes

When you were tired of not finding a job or deciding a career and just wanted to sleep

movie quotes

When you hated your boring and sad life and felt bad about yourself 

movie quotes

And when you knew that you were different and life is going to be tough 

movie quotes

These are some of our Favorite movie quotes, let us know if you want more.

Image courtesy- The best movie lines 

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