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While Eid approaches us, a girl’s biggest worry is what to wear as her Eid dress. With so many different designs and different lawn collections around us, we tend to get confused. Well, I’ve listed the 7 most popular designs that have been trending this season.

Girls have been getting their designer lawns stitched in these designs through the summer now. And you can get your Eid dress stitched the way you’d like to! Choose the one that matches your personality best.

  1. Khulli Kameez & Tang Pyjama:
    Eid dress

We’ve been seeing this design since the launch of volume one of all Lawn Collections. It actually looks pretty classy, and it’s something apart from the flappers everyone’s always wearing nowadays.

Besides, a girl can always dream of looking as elegant as Mahira Khan, one of the top paid actresses in Pakistan, as she rocks this style in her latest shoot.

2. Open Shirts:

Eid Dress

Open shirts have once again gained popularity and can be a pretty great idea for an Eid Dress design. Style them with some pretty heels or latest summer shoe trends, and your Eid outfit will be complete!

3. The Angrakha Style:

Eid dress

Looks really traditional, doesn’t it? This is a design which is decent, simple, however, very charming. Angrakha can also be worn as an alternative to the Open shirt design!

4. Ribbons:

eid dress

Your Eid dress really needs to stand out! Perhaps add a touch of ribbons around the chest or the waist. You can also get creative with your ideas, like tie the ribbons around your sleeves like the following picture!

eid dress

Don’t forget to add a few pearls and tousles to look glamorous.

5. The Frockey: 

eid dress

The Frockey never goes out of fashion! It’s adorable, and is definitely made for those girls who are slightly under weight and want to look just perfect in their Eid dress. You’ll have fun rocking an amazing outfit in this design!

6. Short Shirt and Culottes:

eid dress

Short shirts and culottes are back in trend this season. Culottes look extremely cute, and they’ll look great on just anyone who wants to wear them!

7. Off Shoulder:

eid dress

Well here’s a design which is for the bold girls who want to be the center of attention in their Eid dress! Oh look, another ribbon design on the trouser.

eid dress

Moreover, you can even work with cold shoulder if you don’t feel comfortable getting an off shoulder stitched. Trust me, you’ll look just as amazing!



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