Husbands Types
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Desis including parents, relatives and husbands are the most interesting ones to be found on the Earth ever. They can be cool at times yet so weird at the other hour.

You can find a blunt one in them and also a shy one, little quest and you will find both conservative and modern desis in the same home.

Since, there are different kinds of the desi people, there are also many types of the husbands one can notice in a Desi society.

Seven are here!

1. The ‘sharmeela’ one

Without a second thought, there would be, if, not a list then some names of the shy or most accurately ‘sharmeelas’ of our family in our mind.

They blush, remain quiet, can’t defend and undoubtedly the weird ones.

Husbands Types
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2. The boring piece

These kinds bored you more often and not only in homes but in functions as well. They will not even let you to have fun.

Husbands Types
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3. The fun loving one

These are the ideal ones for some women as they relish every moment and let you to be part of the fun. Yes, they will not resist from dancing at their own wedding.

Husbands Types
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4. The maama’s boy

These ones are the most irritating for the wives as they can’t keep a balance between their mothers and partner.

They always can be seen sticking with their ammi jaans and won’t move a little without amma’s permission.

Husbands Types
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5. The ultimate lover

This one is hooked to his wife and people remarked on it differently in a Desi society.

Some goes like, “Qaboo mein hai bv k.”

While some call them, “Joru ka ghulam.”

They might bring food in the room secretly for their wives.

Husbands Types
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6. Husband cum friend

Very rarely, but yes, Desi societies do have the cool men who chose to be a friend to their wives more than the macho husbands. That’s when the relationship gets the beautiful one to have.

Husbands Types
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7. When pindi boy turned into husband

The boys with the funkiest dressing sense and ‘not so good’ taste in every other thing are the another weirdos to have. Shortly, the Pindi boys of Pakistan.

Husbands Types
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No matter, what type you are having, they are your husbands and they will be annoying anyway.


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