7 ways of saying Eid Mubarak that needs be brought back


Remember the time when people use to give Eid cards with hilarious and savage messages to wish Eid Mubarak? Well, we need to bring back the time of golden rhymes. People use to spend hours and hours in the bookstores, trying to find the perfect card with funny messages for their friends and family.

We want the trend to give funny Eid cards to return this Eid. Here are some wishes you could use to throw at your friends to wish them Eid Mubarak

Let’s start with the most epic and legit wish of all. Bathroom accidents plus eid wish is equal to the best Eid wish ever *legit mathematics* 

ways of saying eid mubarak

Wishing your friend a happy Eid while giving a compliment, now that is some fine workways to wish eid

When you want to wish them and let them know to hold their horses, there is sawwaiyyan for everyone

ways to wish eid

When you want to wish your darzi but you are in a never ending war with him ways to wish on eid

When you want to be passive aggressive with your friend but it is Eidways to wish eid

And finally, for the people who don’t want to wish people a happy ekid through these amazing wishes, stop being a kunjoos and buy and card! ways of saying eid mubarak

If you have more wishes to add to these, let us know. Eid Mubarak.



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