70th anniversary logo

Apparently, the internet’s going crazy over the newly released 70th anniversary logo of Pakistan. And we understand why.

On the past Friday, the design for this year’s 70th anniversary was finally revealed to everyone at the National Council of Arts. It was announced that this year, Pakistan’ 70th anniversary would be celebrated under the theme “Mein hoon Pakistan”. The Prime Minister also constituted of a Cabinet which would overlook all the celebrations which are expected to be extended over a course of four months, from August to December.

A competition was held regarding the designing of the 70th anniversary logo, and the results were also announced on Friday. Out of 400 entries by 200 different students from across Pakistan, a girl from the National University of Sciences and Technology, Saba Zaman, won this competition. However, taking a look at the logo she designed, we are shook! While we’re just sitting at home being disappointed, people are taking to social media platforms openly disapproving this logo.


The government had already announced the reward of half a million for the person who would win this competition, and the public is wondering whether Saba Zaman is actually worthy of the award or not?

70th anniversary logo

Well, that was pretty much our reaction too. We’re not sure why this logo is being awarded Rs. 500,000! Bik gayi hay gormint, that’s why.

Some people are even really confident about the fact that they’d be able to create a much better anniversary logo. And to be frank, we think we could do much better too!

70th anniversary logo

Besides, we’re not quite sure of the fact whether these colors really do scream to us “Main Hoon Pakistan”. These tie dyes are the fashion of the 1970s, and in the year 2017, they actually represent the support for LGBT rights.

70th anniversary logo

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, these are the colors of a rainbow which support the LGBT rights across Pakistan, and these are the colors which have been used in the 70th anniversary logo of Pakistan. Perhaps the Prime Minister should really ask the National Council of Arts to review their winner, because neither is the general public happy with it, and we don’t think Pakistan’s ready to be confused as a LGBT supportive country yet!



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