Population census team faced an awkward situation in Quetta when they encuntered a larg sized family.

Jaan Muhammad a resident of the Quetta  has 33 Children from his three wives. Man is the father of 10 sons and 23 duaghters. Such an extensive number of family members made it difficult for Population Census team to record the names and ages of all of them owing to the lack of boxes.

Knowing that design of the form doesn’ permit them to record names of all the family  members, Population census team raised the matter with the census commissioner of Quetta.

Children of Jan Muhammad

It seems that Jan Muhammad would top the list when it would come to the highest number of family members per house. May be, this way man gets an attention of government by managing to grab a fair share for his such an extensive family.

6th Population Census in Pakistan had started form March 15, 2017. Census which is aimed at gaining rights insights about population is likely to provide very interesting stats that would furter help in decision making, like allocation or resources and economic planning etc. We  never know how many Jan Muhamad are going to be explored after census team completes its home to home survey of counting on residents.


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