Pakistani boy celebrates victory- *Moka Moka* Pakistani version


A video went viral post the final of ICC Champions league which was between Pakistan and India, showing a Pakistani boy celebrating the victory by singing his own version of *moka moka* which is a teasing song made by India for their continuous win against Pakistan in all the major tournaments.

This young man congratulated the Pakistanis living all around the world for winning the finals of ICC Champions Trophy, but most of all for winning from India. In the past few years, Pakistan has not been able to defeat India in any big tournament which has been devastating and frustrating for the fans of the team. This year Pakistan not only made it to the finals of the ICC Champions Trophy for the first time but won it. This has made Pakistani Express their happiness and gratitude towards the team in different ways and this video is one of them.

As this young Pakistani boy said it the beginning, this is his reply to all those *moka moka* taunts coming from India’s side since so many years.


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