Aamir Liaquat Game Show

amir Liaquat being famous for his hosting in Ramzan transmissions and game shows is this time hosting the ‘Game Show Aisay Chalay Ga’ on BOL TV channel. Recently a video has been posted on social media by a man who exposed Aamir Liaquat and his game show.

According to the grieved man, he was told to have won prize money of Rs.35,000 after he rightly answered a question. BOL TV promised to give him the said money in its live transmission. However, he was given a room cooler from the BOL TV management instead of prize money which was very unfortunate. Apparently, Aamir Liaquat has announced three aircraft for public whoever wins them, but the irony of the fact is he couldn’t give a Rs.35,000 prize to the rightful winner. This is not a blunder but an open fraud.

“I was promised in front of the whole public, and they are witness to the promise,” the winner said in his video.

Furthermore, the winner, in his video, accused Aamir Liaquat of cheating and committing fraud. The Aamir Liaquat’s game show has been exposed badly, and it now seems that insane and absurd claim of giving three aircraft in the show will also be proved as just another show-off and attention seeking move.

These game shows in the name of Ramzan transmissions have exploited the Pakistani public too much. People get ready for playing any kind of absurd, ill-mannered and non-decent game just to get one bike or prize money or even a mobile phone. And in return, if the wining person discovers that all the claims of giving prize were merely fabrications then he gets frustrated.

If there is a game show, it has to be very fair. So Aamir Liaquat should either come up with a clarification or give the prize money to the grieved man as promised.

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) should also take notice of such frauds. It is not difficult to figure out whether the man is telling the truth or no as the show was aired on TV. If Aamir Liaquat and his team have been involved in it, then they should immediately come up with an apology as no one should be allowed trick the public.


  1. Please carry out your research before writing such stupid and baseless reports. The man who can be seen in the video has been compensated. You are looking life a fool and would warrant a lawsuit if you keep putting up such silly articles.

    • If you know the guy has been compensated, you can update us properly. But that doesn’t nullify the fact that it didn’t happen.


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