aasia naureen

Once again we face another loss, while our public remains quiet. Another day, another woman killed, and yet, Pakistan remains quiet. There will be another tomorrow, another woman as a victim, and yet again, everyone will remain quiet.

Today at Muzzafargarh, a mother of two kids was allegedly murdered by her in-laws. Aasia Naureen, a woman, resident of Sultan Colony in Muzzafargarh was forced to drink acid by her in-laws. The reason? It was quite simple, she was speaking to her mother on call, and perhaps her in-laws did not approve of it. And we wonder, was it the best solution for her in-laws to take her life by forcing her to drink acid? Proof of her statement can be shown in the following video, shortly after which Aasia passed away:

On her deathbed, Aasia was concerned about her children, who according to her will now be left alone in this world with no one to properly bring them up or take care of them. A mother in law for Pakistani women is their greatest fear and enemy, because if you don’t listen to your mother in law and go against her will, you might end up with a divorce or have the same fate as Aasia. Considering your husband as your earthly god and listening to your in-laws as if whatever they say is like the verses of Quran for girls is a ‘duty’ and a ‘responsibility’. And in return? In return, women are killed in the name of honour, they are the victims of domestic violence and marital rape.

A woman leaves her whole house, her parents, her whole life behind, only to get married to a man and move into his house, sprout a family and keep it together. However, people from the backward areas do not understand this. They consider their wives as their property, and more specifically as ‘objects’ which are their property. They can beat them, starve them, kill them, and they allow no one to interfere in their treatment towards their wives. The saddest thing is, after so many cases of women being ill-treated, our public remains indifferent to raising any awareness against such inhumane acts.

Aasia Naureen was beaten up and forced to drink acid for talking to the woman who gave birth to her, her mother. How much more longer must we keep up with this inhumanity? There is an acid and burn crime bill as of 2014, which really needs to be implemented and punishments should be awarded to those who carry out such acid abuses.

Furthermore, our society is in dire need of being educated related to the treatment of women. No matter how many bills or laws are passed for the protection of women, they will only be implemented through awareness and education of the fact that women, too, are human beings, and should be dealt with tenderness instead of being poisoned to death, like Aasia Naureen.


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