After a historical win for Pakistan against India in the Champions Trophy Final at The Oval, the winning captain, Sarfraz along with the team return home today, early in the morning. As the team arrived at Karachi and Lahore airports, the fans and supporters had already gathered to welcome them.

Hundreds of people at Karachi airport and then outside Sarfraz’s home give hero’s welcome to the skipper. At Karachi airport, Sarfraz arrived along with bowler, Ruman Raees, at 4:45 am, with the trophy in the hand.

They were welcomed by the crowd’s chants of ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ and ‘Long Live Sarfraz’ with patriotic national songs being played by police band – a site, worth seeing.

“I didn’t sleep for two days due to the excitement following the win and it’s celebrations,” Ruman told cheerfully.

The crowd gathers outside Karachi airport.

Governor Sindh, Muhammad Zubair, Sindh Sports Minister and Mayor of Karachi, Waseem Akhtar also welcomed the two players and both of them were presented Sindhi shawl and caps at the airport’s lounge. The whole airport staff and fans rushed to take selfies with their heroes and to greet them with praise and love.

“Thanks to Allah for the victory and nation for praying,” Sarfraz briefly commented at the airport.

As the skipper arrived his home, it took him nearly half an hour to enter the house as the crowd was gathered in the street to take photos or get just one glimpse of their winning captain. Some people were gathered on their balconies, some at rooftops and some even on trees to watch their champion’s arrival at home.

Finally when the skipper managed to enter the home and appeared after a while with the trophy in hand from his balcony. This was the moment that will take you back in 90’s when the winning team skipper, Imran Khan was showered with rose petals and enthusiastic chants of ‘Pakistan Zindabad’.

Sarfraz also received the same welcome, showering of rose petals, zealous chants, and all the respect and love was on his way. The street and house of the captain were also decorated by the fans who stayed up late at night to welcome their hero.

Sarfraz replied to the chanting crowd by waving the trophy and said, “this is your trophy and we have won it because of you.”

The crowd outside his house didn’t miss the chance of bantering and started singing the famous ‘mouka, mouka’ – joy, delight, pleasure, everything could be felt in the atmosphere.

These kind of scenes are the ones, the Pakistani nation has waited for since long and this victory would never be forgotten because it is life builder and a game changer for the Pakistani cricket.

“We have created a legacy and this win will never be forgotten, I will always be remembered too,” Sarfraz apprised blissfully while speaking to reporters after arriving at home.

The number eighth team of ICC turned out to be champions; undoubtedly the most unpredictable and unfathomable team of the world that can be stunned you at any moment with their performance and eventually with triumph.

Winning the trophy in such chaotic and unfavorable situation never remained easy but it surely turned the team into an inspiration for the cricket world.

Winning the trophy was not easy, we put the team effort and this is a huge victory for me, for the team and the country,” Sarfraz further talked to the reporters.

The champions of champions received the hearty welcome which was much deserving as the team has risen right from the bottom to the top due to their dedication, sincerity and teamwork. 


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