Toilet Aik Prem Katha

Akshay Kumar’s new movie Toilet Aik Prem Katha has been accused of stealing scenes from the short film Manini.

A legal notice has also been sent by the maker of Manini, Praveen Vyas, to the makers of Toilet Aik Prem Katha.

The upcoming Akshay’s movie is going to release on August 11 and its trailer has already made it a must watch one. The film also stars Bhumi Pednekar in the lead against Kumar.

Toilet Aik Prem Katha is a story about standing against the problem and moronic custom in India of not building the loos in homes.

The film was expected to be a big hit but the recent accusation of Praveen Vyas might affect the release and success of the movie.

The short filmmaker has also sent a cease-and-desist notice for the trailer and promotion of the movie. He accused that many scenes and dialogues have been stolen by the makers from his documentary feature of 2016.

The short film Manini was also a story about the problem of no proper lavatories in homes in India, followed by the protest of the female protagonist against the lack of toilets.

“No one can make a movie without my written consent if their work exactly resembles mine. I will fight them in the court and appealed for the stay order on the movie, already,” Vyas said.

While Shital Bhatia, the producer of Toilet Aik Prem Katha called these allegations groundless and lack of harassment.

“We strongly deny this claim and our film’s script has been registered with authorized industry association since 2013 under the names of our writers, Siddharth and Garima; also the film was a topic of public discussion since July 2015 by different news stories,” the producer stated.

A court fight between both the film makers is expected and all this disturbance may lead to influencing the smooth release of Toilet Aik Prem Katha. 


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