Resham Khan
Resham Khan pictured before the acid attack

On her 21st birthday, when she was ready to make her day super exceptional and amazing; Resham Khan was tormented with horrible acid attack at a traffic signal.

Acid attack

Resham Khan and her cousin Jameel Mukhtar were stopped on a traffic signal in London, at nine in the morning right on 21st June, when a man threw the acid on them from an open window of their car.

Both of them suffered severe injuries and were stripped off; after 45 minutes of seeking help on road nakedly, they were taken to the hospital by someone.

When Resham told her painful story

On reaching the hospital, both were treated and the incident was later apprised by the girl on her Twitter account.

Though she felt devastated but widely supported by her friends and circle.

“I am devastated. I keep thinking will my life would ever be the same. Now, I will probably never look the same,” Resham Khan said.

Since the attack, Resham’s friends are trying to raise fund for the specialist therapy, both the cousins would be needing.

“I am so thankful that everyone has prayed for me,” the 21-year-old apprised.

Arresting the attacker

However, till now no arrests have taken place but Resham’s statement has been taken.

Also a photo of a man released by the police, named, John Tolmin, to whom police wanted to talk in connection with the corrosive assault.

Rise in corrosive assaults in London

It is shocking that there is a great rise in the crimes involving corrosive substances in a moderate city like London.

About 398 victims of the crimes consisting of acidic materials have been appeared on the scene from 2016-17 in the capital city of England.

Resham – the inspiration

However, the brave lady, two days after the attack, apprised people her story and instantly became an inspiring personality.

She instead of delivering a hate speech, told everyone to make peace but this doesn’t mean that she has pardoned the man behind the assault.

Resham demanded to arrest the criminal sooner and wanted to see him get penalized for his brutal attempt.

The dauntless young girl though bear great pain due to injuries but still managed to face and interact the world with all high spirits.

She earlier also came up with some dark humorous posts related to the incident on her social media accounts.

Her posts aptly showed her courage; though theĀ attacker had damaged her face but failed to destroy her inspirstional personality.

Resham being a business student decided to pursue and focus on her studies and career making.

Resham Khan

The young inspiring woman wanted to keep herself fit to achieve her goals. Her dauntless reaction to the assault made her an inspiration for all the corrosive attacks’ victims.


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