Adnan Sami Indian Citizenship

Adnan Sami Khan, the world’s fastest piano player finally reveals the reasons behind opting for Indian citizenship’ an act that saw massive criticism from the Patriots.

According to a report by the Deccan Chronicle, Adnan Sami Khan disclosed his reasons for choosing to live in India while talking at an event of Wellness Congress.

Adnan said, “I am a very emotional person. If someone lovingly asks me for my life, I’ll give it up. Indians have given me immense and unconditional love, and I am very grateful. That was why I decided to apply for Indian citizenship.

The report also quoted an Indian newspaper, Business Standard that shared the Adnan Sami’s opinion for living in India as, ”

India is my karma bhumi (workplace). I lived in various countries, but my heart was always in India due to the love showered on me by the people.

While talking about his hardships in getting through the entire process Khan added,“I had my ups and downs in getting the Indian citizenship, but ultimately I got it, and I am happy about it. I like India. My love is here. I am a proud Indian,”

Art should never and can’t remain confined within boundaries, it is all about freedom, same is the case with the artist. Adnan Sami Khan could have come up with more solid reasons for his action. Does he imply that Pakistani people didn’t offer him the real status the man deserved or the Pakistan never acknowledged his achievements?

The above clip of PTV Awards shows 2010 shows how Pakistan gave a warm welcome to the Adnan Sami Khan and his “new wife” Roya Khan during their visit. The couple was made the Chief guest of the ceremony and was given the mainstream coverage.

Pakistan is the country from where he started what he was, and its people praised him enough to uplift his talent.


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