Ahmed Shehzad on social media

Ahmed Shahzad, the rising star of Pakistani cricket has just come up with a hilarious definition of the popular term “Phateecher” which is perhaps the most spoken word on the news channels, websites and social media from the last 24 hours.

A Twitter user asked Ahmed Shehzad, what is meant by Phateecher and answer he got made anyone laugh out loud.

Here is how the conversation went on.

Ahmed Shahzad who often remains active on social media and is popular for his selfies in and outside the field has just proven his wit with such a quirky reply of the user.

PTI Chief Imran Khan used the term Phateecher for foreign players of PSL followed by harsh criticism and remarks of being racist for his derogatory comments.

After the success of PSL 2017 final in Lahore that amassed appreciation even from international media, no one was willing to endorse the Captain’s uncalled for the statement that was merely a political stunt.

Imran Khan who is the ex-captain of Pakistan cricket team and made the country  a world champion in 1992 also faced the wrath of youth that follows him as a source of inspiration as an icon of change.


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