Women as sex symbol; AIOU English paper killing our culture and values

The Allama Iqbal Open University’s Function English Paper came to me as horror. This paper shows that people are serving western agendas at every sector and genre of society. They have tackled us deeply and now targeting us from every mean possible.

I am unable to understand the reason of this question from the students of matriculation. Explain your sister’s Physique? What??? Are you serious? If you want to check the person skills in the language, check how he uses the vocabulary in describing a person. There are many other ways for that. You can simply ask for a narration about his/her friend. Allama Iqbal Open University(AIOU) has the slogan “Education for all”. It’s a distant learning institute which caters the need of far flung areas of Pakistan, do they truly know what our culture is in that areas?

I recalled Indira Gandhi once said that why we have to infiltrate Pakistan and have a war, we have infiltrated their culture and defeated them there.

And mind it this is not about Islam, it has nothing to do with Islamophobia, not at all. We are not the internet mullah’s who are saying; this is unIslamic and all that. We are a country having Hindus and Christians too as a part of society. The Hindus and Christians share the same culture, traditions and values here.

Ask a Hindu about his sister’s physique and bear the consequences.

What are we expecting from AIOU next question papers?

  • How many calories your father burn while having sex with your mother?
  • How’s your sister behaviour changes while menstruating?
  • Which gives the best feeling of ecstasy? Vodka or a weed?

For God sake, we don’t belong to a culture where sister introduces her boyfriend to her brother and then takes him into her room in front of her brother. And eventually dumps the boyfriend a week later.

Curriculum in so important in education, universities and education ministry has to ponder upon that seriously. We cannot afford to misdirect our youth from our own values and traditions. Every nation is always best at their own things. Here in Pakistan, we don’t send our children to nursery homes and our elders to old homes. Here, we care for our seniors and women.  In queues and in buses we give the opportunity to women to be ahead and have the proverb ladies first. Here In Pakistan, we respect the women; we don’t think as the symbol of sex.  It’s our culture, and we have to adhere to that and pass on to our next generations.

And yes AIOU has to answer about the setting of this very paper.

Speaking about this, we are not saying that women should remain at home, and we should be doping honour killings. We are just saying that there should be a balance about everything. We have to make our women advance in every field of life, but with the cultural values, we got from our ancestors.

Written by Zohaib Zahid

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