Aishwarya Rai suicide hoax; Hypocricy and blame games of Indian media


Yesterday almost entire Indian media was crying “A Pakistani Blog” has started something terrible and have reported something fake and created a hoax. Of course, it was us, Outlook Pakistan.

The leading Indian websites, blogs and media groups not only named us but also created a backlink to our page. So what was it all about?

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We posted a story on 2nd of December about Aishwarya Rai attempted suicide. At that time when we published the story, the news was all over the internet. It was trending on twitter and facebook. All the key tabloids of India had this story on their pages.

What did we do?

Aishwarya Rai Tried To Commit Suicide video goes viral on Social Media Leak video: via @YouTube

— EntertainmentNew (@Newsupdates08) December 1, 2016

As journalists, our role is to report the happenings; we are no court but journalists. This practice is being followed in journalism from ages. We just reported what was going on the internet and what was written on the face of Indian entertainment world. After we had got the news of celebrity safe and sound, as she appeared in Manish Malhotra birthday bash, we updated the story calling it a false hoax circulated on the Twitter by Indian media.  So where were we wrong?

Why Indian media picked us?

Indian media as always resorted to finding a name whom they lay all the blame, and in this case, the name was Outlook Pakistan, just for one reason because we are from Pakistan. We can’t understand why the word Pakistan haunts Indian media so much.

Another silly report…

The whole scenario:

That’s no news, Several times global and Indian media has reported that Aishwarya Rai and Bachchan family are not living their best time together, there are rifts between them and are of serious nature. Bachchans are conservative in nature that is very much evident from the absence of Jaya Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan from the mainstream glamorous movies.

Aishwarya Rai is not enjoying in the film industry as the leading actress, what she used to before marriage.

Why did no Bachchan clarify the situation so far? The time when the story was getting hyped and trending, Aishwarya suicide was all over the internet, why no Bachchan issued any statement from their twitter accounts? It makes us think that the whole story was a publicity stunt.

Bachchans are good at managing media and showing silence over the issues. It is evident from the media reports and how Jiya responded on “Ae dil Hai Mushkil” bold scenes that the family is having issues.

In the above circumstances, if news surfaces that Aishwarya has attempted suicide, every media enterprise going to cover that. Our only motive behind covering the happenings is to update our followers not to create the hoax.

Yes, it was a hoax, a false news, circulated by Indian tabloids and websites.

We have no presence in India; we are living on this side of the border. So to report anything we follow what is thrown by the Indians.and not only we do it, the express tribune just replicated the version of Hindustan Times and Buzz Feed. and Inquisitr explicitly mentioned that the news originated from the website known as linkbeef.

Indian Media hypocrisy:

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s Suicide Truth? By Lehren

This is not the first time that Indian media has shown that they are the bunch of puppets that are being run on the state agenda having no will of their own. Their minds are frowsty, and they have no such thing, which is referred as common sense in the world.

Similarly, Indian Media had blamed Fawad Khan on having black money. The anchor had no evidence at all but projected the whole story on the television.

When the Indian police arrested pigeon from Pakistan on espionage charges (yes we are talking about the pigeon, the bird), Indian media followed the feedings came from their PM house. No one dares to write something mature and sensible from the whole country.

See the funny side of Indian media reporting style in the video below, the police officer walking at the end of the video is DIG Lahore, Haider Ashraf, which according to Indian media is managing the situation in Karachi.

Whole international media realises, how they manufactured the surgical strike in Pakistan story and got embarrassed.

There are thousand more examples, but some other time.

Indian Website

No one from Pakistan and India tried to make contact with us and ask our prognosis.

Express Tribune and Pakistan today slothfulness on the hoax:

Tribune team is just torpid and work-shy. They even didn’t try to google the suicide hoax. Our advice to them is to move some brains( if they have) and then tell us,  who is responsible for starting the whole false story.

Same is with Pakistan Today; guys are the masters of copy and paste. They even said that BuzzFeed tried to contact with our manager. Why didn’t you try to communicate with us?

Our final verdict:

We, Pakistanis and Indians as neighbours share many things, and such things have no boundaries at all. We have same plains, same fruits, vegetables and food. What Indians call Hindi is Urdu, so we understand and like or dislike their movies too. Bollywood is a big industry and has grown much. We applaud the artists there, as the art lovers, we have favourites from Indian celebrities. And Aishwarya Rai is one of them. We are more than happy that the former Miss world, the beauty queen is alright and ready to entertain us with her next upcoming movies.


  1. Indian media was never free and only one thing they know is to keep bashing Pakistan. They boast about their open mindedness but end up putting a silly show which is always horrible and unable to digest. Let them bark.

  2. As a regular reader of Outlook Pakistan, I trust its news. Whatever they post, it has a material. In this case, the eyebrows are up, but of course as the management clarifies, they took it from the Indian media outlets. The only “problem” to this was, it became only popular when posted on “Outlook”. The reporter should mention the source in the initial story, but now this clarification clarifies everything. It was an Indian Story, posted by Indians on Indian Blogs and Websites first. The only problem with India seems, “They only trust Pakistani Media”. I am not wrong.


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