Ali Zafar performs amazing stunts for Teefa in trouble

amazing stunts

HE can sing, paint, dance, act, you name it, and Ali Zafar can do it all. He is youth icon who is known for many of his talents, but we are going to see him do something he has never done before in ‘Teefa in Trouble.’

In the movie, Ali Zafar is going to do amazing stunts!

Let’s have a look at the stunts

amazing stunts

Amazed? We have more of him for you

amazing stunts

And Finally this!

amazing stunts

He refused to use a body double for these stunts because he wanted to do it himself. This shows how dedicated and serious he is when it comes to performing well and giving his best. These stunts are unlike any we have seen in a Lollywood movies.

Ali Zafar surprised us all, and now we are definitely looking forward to the movie. We are sure he would be great in it *like always*

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